Freiberg’s Disease

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Freiberg's Disease
What is Freiberg’s Disease? Freiberg’s Disease (also known as Freiberg’s Infraction) is a type of osteochondroses that most commonly affects the second Metatarsal bone in the foot. Your Metatarsals are a group of 5 bones that are located in the mid-foot and are connected to your toe bones. Freiberg’s Disease is often associated with Metatarsalgia. ...

Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle

Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle
The foot and ankle are complex structures made up of various tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and more. These structures are what help make movements such as walking, running and jumping possible. An injury to one tendon, ligament, muscle or bone can cause the function of the entire structure to be compromised. Main Tendons Tendons are ...