Arch Supports for Plantar Fasciitis

MYTH: Arch Supports are Needed

REALITY: Arch Supports are BAD

It’s a common misconception that arch supports (also called orthotic inserts) are needed to correct issues with the plantar fascia and arch of the foot. Actually, you don’t want pressure applied to the middle of your foot pushing up, as this will only cause further stress and injury to your plantar fascia. Your arch is naturally occurring and messing with this structure is not a good idea.

If you’re going to use any kind of extra support, make sure it’s applied to the heel and ball of the foot, because these are the areas of your foot that are actually designed to withstand pressure. Extra support for the heel and ball is only required in rare circumstances, like in cases of fallen arches or flat feet. Think of your arch as a bridge, with the ball and the heel on either side to support it. Providing the heel and ball of your foot with added lift will help reduce the pressure on your plantar and reduce pain. You want to remove the pressure from the plantar and put it where it’s supposed to go – the heel and the ball.