Extensor Tendonitis Treatment

Shoe Laces

The simplest way to help alleviate extensor tendonitis, is to change the way that your shoelaces put pressure on the top of your foot. One of the most common causes of extensor tendonitis is by the improper lacing of your shoes. Re-lace your shoes, so that there is very little pressure going over the tender part on the top of your foot and you’ll find that this will help treat most cases of extensor tendonitis.


Proper_Use_of_Pain_Killers_REST-minTo remember that you’re injured is very important. Rest your foot so it can help heal itself. Extensor tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon on the top of your foot that can heal quite quickly if you give it the time. Remember – if it hurts – STOP and rest!


Cold Compression

Cold CompressionIce slows down the blood flow and therefore decreases the amount of inflammation present. This will help speed up the injury depending on how frequently ice is applied to the extensor tendon. When using cold out of the freezer it’s important to remember that you have to take breaks in between the treatments, so a good practice to follow is 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.


Pain-Pills(NSAIDs)The use of pain pills is highly debatable. It is recommended to not use pain pills to help you get through the day, but instead when you get home and you’re relaxing. This will help your body relax to heal properly while you sleep.




Calf StretchComplete strengthening exercises for your calf and foot once the injury has healed. This will help make sure that the extensor tendonitis doesn’t recur.