Hammer Toe

What causes hammer toe?

Hammer toe is a painful condition that results in a hammer-like shape or bend to the toe, typically found in the middle joint of the toe. It has a number of causes – it can be brought on by a pre-existing condition, like diabetes or arthritis, or it can be something as simple as wearing poorly fitting footwear. Of course, trauma or an injury can lead to developing hammer toe. Hammer toe develops when something forces your toes into an unnatural position over a long period of time.

Footwear Do’s and Don’t’s

Shoes with high heels, or shoes that fit improperly and are too tight, can cause or worsen hammer toe. If your shoe or orthotic is causing pressure to be put onto the foot or rubbing against the toes, this can contribute to hammer toe. It’s best to prioritize comfort over style – if your shoes are making your feet uncomfortable or causing pain, that’s an indication that they’re aggravating your condition. It’s important to make sure you have comfortable shoes that don’t rub or apply pressure anywhere on your feet, with enough room for your toes and a low heel, or no heel.

What can help?

The most effective treatment for hammer toe is to use the BFST from King Brand Healthcare Products. The bent shape of a hammer toe is caused by the muscle being bent unnaturally and eventually seizing up and staying that way, so, the solution is to relax the muscle. Often, surgery is not necessary to accomplish this. All you need to do is use the BFST for twenty minutes at a time, three to four times daily, and it will heal and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the entire area that you treat. The BFST is a FDA-approved, registered medical device that creates electromagnetic energy in order to stimulate the blood flow in the soft tissue – with daily use, it will heal the soft tissue, and can result in relaxing the bent muscle that makes hammer toe so painful.