Ankle Ligament Injuries

Ligaments and tendons are both made up of strong, rope-like tissue that connects to your bones and helps you to move. A tendon is a rope-like tissue that attaches to bone on one end, and the other end connects to your muscles. A ligament is a rope-like tissue that attaches to bone at both ends. When you experience a ligament injury, it can be incredibly painful and difficult to heal – but, recovery is absolutely possible.

Part of why ligament injuries take so long to heal is that they often don’t get as much rest as they truly need. Did you know that when your pain has mostly gone away and you’re feeling better, your ligament is likely only about 30% healed? You shouldn’t be doing weight bearing exercise or stretching while you still feel pain from your ankle ligament – in fact, stretching will not help you to heal at all, because the ligaments are not actually supposed to stretch. Wait to start physical therapy or resume weight bearing workouts until you aren’t dealing with pain or flare ups any more.

King Brand Healthcare Products creates FDA-approved, registered medical devices that are designed specifically to heal the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The ColdCure and the BFST work in combination to relieve pain, and speed up your recovery time. The ColdCure relieves pain, swelling, and inflammation, and then the BFST works by producing electromagnetic energy, which stimulates healthy blood flow and heals the soft tissue. By using these products 3-4 times daily, you can heal your injured ligament and avoid surgery.