Pain Relief For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can have debilitating pain at times. Here are a couple tricks in reducing the amount of pain that you suffer during the day.

Cold Compression
Cold CompressionTreatments that use cold compression on the plantar fascia will not only help reduce inflammation, but will work in reducing pain. Cold compression instead of icing the plantar fascia will help reduce inflammation quicker than just ice. A brand that I have found to provide extreme cooling ability is the wraps that are provided by King Brand. They have this gel pack that doesn’t move around and holds cold for a long time. With three gel packs they are giving the ability to have continuous cold compression. It’s important though, to do your research on which product will help you the best.

Optimal Blood Flow
Optimal Blood FlowAny physical therapist will tell you to do exercises to work the muscles and this will create an increase in blood flow to that area. Optimal blood flow carries nutrients and healing agents that will help repair any damage done to the plantar fascia. Using a heating pad or a device that naturally stimulates optimal blood flow is the next step in the recovery process. Again, it is very important to research which devices/modality will work best for you.

Proper Shoes!!!
Proper Shoes
Wearing the proper shoes that supports your feet in the right places will help speed up the healing process. The two points of impact with each step taken is distributed evenly between the heel and the balls of the feet. Having support there to help relieve any additional stress on impact is the only support needed. Make sure that there is no arch support. Any upward pressure on the arch of the foot will not allow the plantar fascia to heal properly.

Success With Pain Pills
Plantar-Fasciitis-Treatment-(Pain-Pills)Pain pills should never be used to help get you through the day. Successful treatment of plantar fasciitis will not happen if you don’t listen to your body and use the pain as a guideline of what you can, and cannot handle. Once your day is finished or winding down, pain pills can be used. This will ensure that you’re not making problems worse and slowing down your treatment process because you can’t feel the pain.