Peroneal Tendonitis Comments

What is the Peroneal Tendon?

The peroneal tendon runs on the outside of the ankle just behind the bone called the fibula. There are two paroneal tendons that run along the back of the fibula.

Peroneus Brevis
The term brevis means short. The reason for this is because the peroneus brevis has a shorter muscle that starts lower in the leg. It runs down the back of the fibula on the outside of the leg and connects to the fifth metatarsal.

Peroneus Longus
This tendon starts higher on the leg and runs all the way underneath the foot to insert or connect on the first metatarsal on the other side. Both tendons work together to turn the ankle to the outside.

Peroneal Tendons Figure 2

Peroneal Tendons Figure 1

Peroneal Tendonitis will occur when one or both of the paroneal tendons become inflamed causing pain on the fibula and on the lateral/outside of the foot. Surgury is not recommended but sometimes necessary. For more information, you can check out:
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