Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Foot Tendonitis

One of the most common symptoms of foot tendonitis is localized pain, swelling and possibly stiffness in the surrounding area. Pain is usually the first sign of foot tendonitis. Over time the pain typically goes away to some extent but then will resurface the longer time you spend on your feet.

You are more likely to develop foot tendonitis if you are engaged in sports that require repetitive movement. Shoes are important as well, if they start to wear out you’re more likely to develop foot tendonitis. Some more extreme causes of foot tendonitis might be as significant as an infection, or potentially arthritis in the area.

Follow the RICE method for treating your injury.
1. Rest your foot as much as possible, to allow your body to start healing.

2. Ice – use a Cold Compression Wrap such as the King Brand ColdCure Foot Wrap to eliminate pain and swelling whenever the pain level increases.

3. Compression – Continuing to wear your King Brand ColdCure Foot Wrap will help the inflammation stay away, so your body can start healing.

4. Elevation – Remembering to rest during your recovery will help prevent re-injury. If you are unable to Elevate and Rest, use KB Support Tape to help stabilize the injury. This will greatly reduce the risk of re-injury.

5. Blood Flow – As soon as the inflammation is under control, adding a device that stimulates blood flow like the King Brand BFST Foot Wrap, will help significantly speed up the recovery times.