Tendonitis vs. Tendinosis

What’s the difference between tendonitis and tendinosis? 

These painful conditions are similar and easy to confuse. In technical terms, tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon, which results from micro-tears that occur when your tendon is overloaded, or experiences harm from repetitive motion. Tendinosis is when the tendon begins to degenerate in response to chronic overuse, without having adequate time to rest and heal. 

Simply stated, tendonitis is when the tendon becomes acutely inflamed as a result of micro-tears that have formed on the tendon. Tendinosis is when your tendon has been chronically damaged or degenerated, and can also result in thickening of the tendon.

What causes tendonitis/tendinosis?

Tendinosis and tendonitis can occur through similar circumstances. Repetitive motion, or a sudden impact or force applied to the tendon can lead to these disruptive conditions. From small movements like clicking a mouse, to gardening or raking, to sports or heavy lifting, there are many causes of tendonitis and tendinosis. 

How do I treat tendonitis/tendinosis?

Step One – Rest

The most important step when treating tendonitis or tendinosis is to rest. For many of us who may have work, school, or other life activities, it can be difficult to find enough time to allow adequate time to heal. If your injury is on a body part that you have to use commonly in day to day life, like the hand, knee, or foot, it can be much harder to improve, because using the injured part puts pressure on your tendon and keeps it inflamed. This is where using cold therapy comes in. 

Step Two – Cold Therapy

The ColdCure from King Brand is a high quality medical device that is designed to provide superior cold compression. It’s designed to conform to your body, stay colder longer, and be the most effective at reducing your pain, swelling, and inflammation. Use the ColdCure for 20 minutes on, and 20 minutes off as much as possible to reduce pain from tendonitis or tendinosis. 

Step Three – Blood Flow Stimulation

Rest and cold therapy are the first steps – to heal your tendinosis OR tendonitis, King Brand’s BFST (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy) is a medical device designed specifically to heal injuries like tendonitis and tendinosis. It produces electromagnetic energy, which stimulates healthy blood flow in the soft tissue. With consistent use, it can result in healing your tendon. 

Nobody should have to live in pain. There is a solution to heal your tendon and help you get back to doing the things you love.