Achilles Tendonitis Myths

So you hurt your Achilles tendon – now what?

Achilles tendon injuries can be so painful that you’ll try anything to get some relief. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to most effectively heal a damaged Achilles tendon, and it’s important to educate yourself to avoid treatments that can lead to negative consequences over time.

Cortisone shots – more harm than help

For example, one of the most commonly recommended treatments for soft tissue injuries is a cortisone shot. These shots result in temporary pain relief, but they don’t do anything to heal the injury. In fact, repeated cortisone shots will cause your soft tissue to thin and increase the likelihood of a ruptured tendon.

Pain during exercise = reinjury

Stretching and physical therapy are often prescribed to treat an Achilles injury as well. Physical therapy should be used to strengthen the area around the injury after the healing process is well underway. If you feel pain during exercise, that’s a sign that your Achilles is being reinjured. It’s important to speak up if any exercise hurts during physical therapy – stretching contributes to reinjury as well. You should never have to push through the pain.

Heal safely and effectively at home!

The best and most effective way to heal your Achilles tendon is by using the BFST and ColdCure from King Brand. These are Class II medical devices that are FDA Approved to heal soft tissue injuries and speed up your recovery. Click the link to learn more – you can recover without surgery!