The Facts About Tarsal Tunnel!

Tarsal Tunnel Symptoms

Like the more commonly known Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which mainly occurs in the hand and wrist, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a similar medical condition which occurs in the foot as a result of a pinched nerve. When the posterior tibial nerve experiences an extraordinary amount of stress or pressure, symptoms or Tarsal Tunnel can occur anywhere along the nerve, which is located around the ankle and runs down into the foot.

Similar to Carpal Tunnel, those who experience Tarsal Tunnel feel an uncomfortable tingling sensation around the ankle and foot area. It is a good idea to rest the affected foot at this point. If the tingling sensation continues or pressure continues to be applied to the nerve, it can become so great that the foot actually becomes numb.

Swelling and Pain
When the nerve becomes pinched, the tissue area around the nerve can become inflamed. This produces noticeable swelling around the affected area. Moments of shooting pain along the foot is another clear indicator that Tarsal Tunnel may be present. A doctor may tap an area along the nerve to see if the patient’s body responds with a sharp, shooting pain that has been described as having an electrical shock travel through the foot.

Weakened Muscles
When the nerve is pinched in the foot, it also causes muscles that are normally stimulated by the nerve to receive fewer signals. This results in a weakening of the muscles in the foot. It may become more difficult to move the toes. Although symptoms or Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome have been felt all the way down to the toes and all the way up to the calf area, symptoms in most people occur along the bottom of the foot or around the ankle. A sudden burst of pain or onset of tingling normally occurs when the foot is put under a lot of pressure, such as long periods of running, exercising or standing.

When a person begins to experience the symptoms that accompany Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, it is important to seek the advice and diagnosis of a doctor to positively identify the cause of the problem since other medical conditions can eventually lead to irreversible nerve damage.

Pain Management
Although painful, there are products out there that can help with the pain. One that I have found that works is a foot wrap that helps soothe the inflamed muscles. KB Basics Foot Wrap The importance of Blood Flow Stimulation is also a great way to recover from Tarsal Tunnel.