What is Foot Tendonitis?

Foot tendonitis is known as a stress, degeneration, or rupture of the tendons of the foot. Foot tendonitis is caused due to excessive strain of your foot in activities: for example, running, walking, etc. Those who are taking part in jobs that require excessive standing or walking are also in threat of developing foot tendonitis.

Outcome of excessive stress to the foot, initially, you can develop signs (pain as well as swelling) which can appear and disappear intermittently. Generally if stress is consistent, the fibers among the tendon pull apart and can change into foot tendonitis. Foot tendonitis is painful and also swelling can make it hard to perform daily activities.

Tendons involved with Foot Tendonitis

The following tendons are affected;

  • Peroneal tendon
  • Posterior tibial tendon
  • Anterior tibial tendon
  • Achilles tendon

Warning signs of Foot Tendonitis

The examples below are signs and symptoms of foot tendonitis.

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Burning or stabbing sensation
  • If in pain when your feet touches the earth, whilst walking, standing etc.

Foot Tendonitis Treatment

  • Rest the foot whenever you can for at least a full week. This encourages the pain as well as swelling to subside
  • Cool compresses enables you to in reducing the inflammation as well as pain
  • Foot insoles to orthotics can retain the arc region which help in relieving foot tendonitis
  • In serious cases, foot tendonitis might demand operation
  • To stop foot tendonitis, you ought to wear shoes with right help and get away from foot overuse. Should your foot pain and inflammation should not subside with rest and also cool compresses, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis as well as treatment.

Through the aforementioned treatment methods, you will be able to resolve your foot tendonitis.