Antibiotic Induced Tendonitis

Many people are unaware that a certain type of antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, can be responsible for causing tendon damage, or even tendon rupture. This serious side effect can come on seemingly out of nowhere, and it can be a very painful condition. The good news is, there are ways to prevent and effectively treat antibiotic induced tendonitis.

Not All Antibiotics

Fluoroquinolones are sometimes better known as Cipro or Levaquin. The FDA has required a “black box” warning regarding tendon damage to be included on all fluoroquinolones since 2008, due to increasing evidence that correlates these antibiotics to tendon injury. These antibiotics should be used only as a last resort if other antibiotics have not been effective.

Any tendon can be damaged when taking fluoroquinolones, but the Achilles tendon is particularly at risk – antibiotic induced tendon damage can occur even after you’ve already stopped taking the drugs. There are a few things you can do preventively to minimize the risk of this painful side effect.

Risk Factors

While taking antibiotics, you should try to minimize your activity level. Being active while taking fluoroquinolones increases your risk of tendon injury or rupture. Lower your activity, and try to do gentler exercises. Non-weight bearing exercise like swimming is better than high impact exercises like running. Use cold therapy following your workout, even if you don’t feel any pain – the cold treatment will reduce inflammation and therefore reduce the possibility of injury. If possible, you should also avoid taking corticosteroids while taking antibiotics, because corticosteroids may also weaken or thin your soft tissue.

How To Heal

If you’re already dealing with antibiotic induced tendon injury, you need treatment that really works. King Brand makes medical devices that are designed specifically to heal the tendons, muscles, and ligaments. By using these medical devices about three to four times daily, you can heal from tendonitis, tendinosis, or even a torn tendon. Relieve your pain, swelling, and inflammation by using the ColdCure. Then, use the BFST to increase your circulation, thereby healing the soft tissue and relieving the pain.