Cold Therapy – Necessary For Recovery

What does using cold therapy actually do?

When recovering from a soft tissue injury, the importance of cold therapy is often underestimated. Cold therapy reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. The less inflammation you have, the easier it will be for your body to heal.

When should cold therapy be used?

It’s a common misconception that cold therapy is only useful during the beginning stages of your injury. With any soft tissue injury, but particularly a leg or foot injury, healing can be frustratingly slow. This is because walking puts pressure onto your injury, keeping it in a constant state of inflammation and slowing down the healing process. Using cold therapy all throughout your recovery will help to keep your inflammation and pain down – resting as much as possible will lessen these symptoms as well.

What is the best cold therapy device to use?

The ColdCure® from King Brand Healthcare Products is the best cold therapy wrap available. The wrap is made of soft, flexible neoprene fabric, and it comes with three reusable gel packs, which are meant to be stored in the fridge or the freezer, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. During treatment, one gel pack is inserted into the wrap at a time, ensuring that you always have two gel packs that are cold and ready to use. The gel inside of the packs is designed to not move around like the “blue goo” gel packs you might find at a drugstore – King Brand Rigigel® holds its shape and conforms specifically to the shape of the injured area, ensuring the best coverage and compression. Rigigel® packs stay cold for 20 – 60 minutes, and they hold approximately 3x more cooling power than other gel packs.

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