What Causes an Achilles Injury?

Achilles injuries have many different causes

It is true that an Achilles injury can occur as a result of sudden trauma or injury, but there are many lesser-known things that can trigger an Achilles issue. When your Achilles injury is caused by sudden injury, you can typically recognize right away when it happens because it’s usually accompanied by intense pain. However, this isn’t always the case.

Repetitive motion overload

Injury can result when repetitive motions are done in excess at work or during physical activity. This can happen if your job requires physical activity, or really in any situation where you’re physically active and repeatedly performing the same actions. You may feel a slower onset of this type of injury, with your pain beginning slowly and becoming more noticeable over time. This type of injury requires rest in order to fully heal.


There are plenty of companies that sell footwear that supposedly helps to heal the Achilles. The unfortunate truth is that wearing the incorrect footwear can cause an Achilles injury, but no footwear can heal the Achilles. Any shoes or orthotics that put pressure onto any specific part of the foot can lead to aggravating the soft tissue. If you feel additional discomfort or tightness when you wear a particular pair of shoes, that is a sign that your foot is being aggravated. This can be a result of arch supports, heel supports, a heel strap, etc.

The Incorrect Kind of Stretching and Exercises

Stretching can be very helpful when recovering from a muscle injury – your Achilles tendon, however, is not designed to stretch. You may think of tendons as the cables or wires that connect your muscles to your bones – stretching them can lead to further damage. You should wait until your pain goes away and stays gone for longer than just a few days to incorporate any sort of physical therapy or stretching into your recovery. If you’re dealing with a tendon injury, it’s best to avoid stretching at all.

What’s the solution?

Any foot or leg injury can get stuck in a state of chronic re-injury because pressure is put onto the injury when you walk, keeping it inflamed and unable to heal. The first step to recovery is to give your injury the rest it needs.

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