Feet & Pregnancy

How Does Pregnancy Affect the Feet?How_pregnancy_effects_feet

Many pregnant women experience changes in their feet during pregnancy, such as:

  • Foot swelling
  • Foot pain
  • Increase in foot size

These changes are most commonly seen in the third trimester.

Tendonitis_of_Foot_Pregnancy_CausesWhat Causes These Changes?

Foot pain, foot swelling, and increase in foot size during during pregnancy may be caused by several different factors, including:

Water retention – This can cause the feet to swell, resulting in pain and increased foot size.

Weight gain – The feet are also under extra strain during pregnancy due to weight gain, which can cause pain.

Hormonal changes – The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy also cause the ligaments in the foot to loosen, which can cause a change in foot size, as well as throw off your balance.

Treatment Options

RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation are very effective at bringing down the swelling and controlling the pain in your feet. Using a cold compression wrap that is designed for the foot and/or ankle would be ideal.Tendonitis_of_Foot_Pregnancy_Treatment

Proper Footwear – Shoes that are too tight will only make your symptoms worse. Wear shoes that fit properly and do not squeeze the toes or the tops of your feet. Try to avoid high heels and sandals. You may have to go up a size if your foot size has increased.

Exercise & Stretching – Getting your feet moving is a great way to relieve symptoms and keep the blood flowing.

Stay Hydrated – Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent an excess of fluid build-up in your body.

Avoid Salty Foods – Foods that are high in sodium contribute to water retention, so try to avoid them whenever possible.