When dealing with a foot injury or condition, you may turn to footwear searching for relief. It’s important to remember that footwear can’t fix conditions like plantar fasciitis – but improper footwear may contribute to causing these sorts of conditions.

Arch and Heel Support

It’s a common misconception that arch and heel supports are beneficial when treating problems with the plantar fascia. In reality, they can make your pain worse. Extra support for the heel and arch is only really required if you deal with something like fallen arches or flat feet. Applying pressure that pushes up onto any particular part of the foot can increase pain and extend your healing time.

High Heels

Shoes that have a high heel can very easily throw off your gait and weight distribution. High heels increase pressure on your metatarsals and toes, and this can lead to creating inflammation in the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon.

What will help?

You should wear shoes that are flat bottomed with uniform cushioning that does not put pressure on any one part of your foot. If it decreases your pain, it’s ok to have a little cushioning on the heel as long as it does not extend to the middle of the foot or the arch. Anything that causes more discomfort is a sign that your condition is being aggravated.