When To Use Heat and Cold

Why is cold beneficial?

Cold therapy is very important when recovering from a soft tissue injury, especially during the beginning stages of recovery. Cold therapy works to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. When dealing with a foot injury, it’s important to use cold all throughout your recovery. When we walk, it puts pressure onto the foot and any injuries there. Cold will help reduce pain and inflammation that may be aggravated just from being on your feet during the day. The ColdCure by King Brand provides the most superior cold therapy available, and is designed to conform to the area that you treat.

What does using heat do?

It is a common misconception that heat leads to healing. In fact, heat can provide some pain relief, but it does not do anything to help you heal. Heat draws blood to the surface of the skin, which can actually contribute to inflammation. If you use heat, it’s best to use it for a shorter amount of time; ten minutes is a good place to start. If you want the pain relief that comes with warmth, you should use the BFST – it produces electromagnetic energy, and soothing warmth. This electromagnetic energy works to stimulate healthy blood flow and actually heal the soft tissue.

Should I alternate heat and cold?

There is no benefit to alternating heat and cold – in fact, by alternating heat and cold, the positive benefits of both of those treatments are basically negated. It’s best to start with using cold therapy to bring down inflammation, then allow your skin time to warm back up to body temperature. Once your skin is no longer cold, try applying the BFST! The pain relief this medical device provides lasts for four hours following each twenty minute treatment. It’s so much more effective than a heating pad, and only stimulates healthy blood flow to the area that you treat.

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