Ankle Bursitis

What is ankle bursitis and what causes it?

Bursitis results from the bursae, or little pouches full of fluid, becoming inflamed as a result of injury, repetitive motion, or overuse. It’s an incredibly painful condition that results in swelling, pain, and limited range of motion, and it can have a negative effect on many aspects of your life.

Did you know that wearing the wrong footwear can cause ankle bursitis? This happens due to pressure being put on the ankle and inflaming the bursae. Trauma, such as an injury, is another common cause.

How does one treat ankle bursitis?

To treat ankle bursitis, rest and cold therapy are essential. Your bursitis will only have a chance to recover and start the healing process if given rest, since rest is one of the best ways to naturally decrease inflammation. It’s best to avoid any activity that causes additional pain, because sharp pain, or a sudden increase in pain, indicates your bursitis is being aggravated.

Cold therapy is equally important when it comes to bursitis, and the ColdCure® from King Brand provides superior cold treatment. This wrap is designed to conform to the top and sides of your foot, and it stores three times as much cold as traditional gel packs. The ColdCure® is essential to reducing inflammation all throughout your recovery.

The key to healing your bursitis for good is through using the BFST®. This blood flow stimulator from King Brand increases your circulation and results in healing soft tissue conditions such as bursitis. With three to four twenty minute treatments daily, the BFST® will speed up your recovery time and provide pain relief for up to four hours after each treatment.

Things to avoid

One thing you don’t want to do is slow down your recovery. With foot injuries, since we walk on our feet every day, it’s common to get stuck in a cycle of reinjury, and healing can be frustratingly slow. Cortisone shots are commonly prescribed for bursitis, and while they may temporarily relieve pain, they can have some harmful side effects. Cortisone itself can cause your soft tissue to thin over time with repetitive use, which can make surgery a necessity.

Always be very aware of your injury at all stages of your recovery. Any increased swelling, or sharp or throbbing pain can be an indication of inflammation. Listening to the pain signals coming from your injury can prevent slowing down your recovery, or even re-injury.

Educating yourself with the facts about ankle bursitis is the first step to recovery. Foot injuries are very painful and frustrating to deal with, but you can take control of your recovery with the help of King Brand products. Nobody deserves to live with pain.