How Blood Flow Helps Foot Tendonitis

No matter which type of foot tendonitis you have (Plantar Fasciitis, Extensor Tendonitis, Peroneal Tendonitis, etc.), blood flow can help heal your damaged tissues. Blood flow is what the body needs to naturally heal itself. Our blood contains oxygen and nutrients, which are some of the essential ingredients for healing.

When our soft tissue is injured, this causes inflammation deep below the skin and fat. This inflammation causes our blood flow to become restricted, which is why we need to stimulate blood flow in order to heal. Many doctors and therapists will recommend exercises to improve blood circulation and aid healing, but these should wait until you’ve already done 4-6 weeks of healing with a blood flow device. Doing exercises too soon in the healing process will only cause re-injury. Physical activity has always been a great way to promote blood flow, but when you have Foot Tendonitis, doing anything too strenuous can causing re-tearing of the tissue, and this lengthens your recovery time.

Rest your foot and heal your tissue with a blood flow therapy device. This means you can avoid re-tearing of the tissue while you’re also stimulating healthy blood flow to the affected area. This means faster, more complete healing.

Cold CompressionBlood flow devices aren’t just designed for initial healing either. They work to prevent re-injury as well. It’s recommended that you continue using the device regularly after you’ve used it for 4-6 weeks, because it takes a while for the tissue to heal completely. Even though you may feel that you’re completely healed, your tissue could still be quite tender. Using your blood flow device before you do any physical activity (especially where you will be putting lots of strain on your feet) will help to prevent re-injury, as it acts like a “warm-up” for your circulatory system.

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