How To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

What should you know?

For many people, Plantar Fasciitis can come on seemingly out of the blue, with very little provocation. However, there’s so much misinformation about how to treat plantar fasciitis out there, that some recommended treatments – such as orthotics, stretching, and cortisone shots – can actually lead to making your plantar fasciitis worse. Knowing the facts will help you act preventively to stop plantar fasciitis before it starts.

Stretching, orthotics, and cortisone are not your friends

It’s a common misconception that stretching will help strengthen your foot – in fact, the plantar fascia are not meant to stretch. When they stretch too far, this results in microtears forming in the plantar fascia. Every time you walk, pressure is put onto your foot, re-opening those microtears. This is why it can take so long for plantar fasciitis to heal, and it’s also why you should avoid excessively stretching the foot.

It’s also a good idea to avoid anything that puts uncomfortable pressure onto your foot. Arch supports are one of the main causes of plantar fasciitis, because they result in pressure pushing up onto the middle of your foot. If you use any kind of orthotics, it’s best to use an insert designed to provide uniform cushioning, something like memory foam without any arch or heel support.

Stretches such as rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle, step stretching, or using ball rolling, can actually aggravate plantar fasciitis. Rest is essential for plantar fasciitis to heal. As a general rule, if any treatment causes you discomfort or pain, that is generally an indication the injury is being aggravated, so it’s best to discontinue that treatment.

Cortisone shots may temporarily relieve the pain, but they do nothing to help actually heal your injury, and they can often cause more harmful side effects when used repeatedly. Cortisone shots can result in thinning the soft tissue over time, which could make surgery a necessity. They are also associated with chronic re-injury and plantar fascia rupture.

How can you prevent and treat plantar fasciitis?

King Brand products are your solution to heal your plantar fasciitis and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Use the ColdCure® to relieve inflammation, pain, and swelling with the best cold compression medical device on the market. The ColdCure® is meant to be used in combination with the BFST®, which is King Brand’s Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy Device.

The BFST® works to increase your circulation, and heal the soft tissue. You can use KB Tape® to hold the skin and groups of muscles together to prevent aggravating your plantar fascia, creating armor for your injury.

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