Ankle Extensor Tendonitis Treatment

What causes ankle extensor tendonitis?

Tendonitis in general is when you experience inflammation, irritation, or damage of the tendons – with ankle extensor tendonitis, the tendons on the top of your feet are affected. This can make it difficult to move your ankle and toes, walk, and even sleep. Ankle extensor tendonitis may appear to come on suddenly, but is often actually caused by repeated strain or trauma, or even repetitive motion from work, sports, or other activity.

How to treat ankle extensor tendonitis

The first step to recovering from any soft tissue injury, including tendonitis, is to give your injury the rest it needs to heal. When we use our feet to walk, pressure is put onto the foot and ankle, which keeps your tendon inflamed and keeps you stuck in a state of constant reinjury. Rest and cold therapy are essential throughout your recovery, but especially in the beginning stages of healing. The ColdCure® provides superior cold compression treatment and conforms to the top of your foot and the sides.

To break the cycle of reinjury and truly heal, you need the BFST® from King Brand. This Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy medical device is specifically designed to heal soft tissue conditions, including tendonitis. The BFST® heals all of the soft tissue in the area that you treat and increases your circulation, strengthening the area and making it less likely for you to get reinjured in the future. These FDA approved, registered medical devices have helped hundreds of thousands of people to heal – they can help you too!

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